Engineering Support Solutions
Remote Monitoring Systems

“Affordable” & Customised with advise, setup, training and ongoing experienced support.

· Affordable: 

   - using your existing hardware and infrastructure where possible.

   - using latest technologies such as wireless and 3G mobile networks

· Customised: 

   - for your locations, facilities and specific requirements.

   - fully setup and working.

· Remote: 

   - full secure remote monitoring via handheld devices such as iPhones, iPad, Smartphones, Android Devices, Tablets (network dependent).

   - remote control (pan/tilt/and other controls) via handheld devices

   - web based monitoring and control from secure Internet Browsers.

   - compressed data systems to reduce usage costs & storage requirements

· Monitoring: 

   - High Resolution Video, Still Photos, 2 Way Audio and Traffic Flow monitoring solutions to suit your home, office, site, workplace, warehouse, almost anywhere.

   - Customised Recording and alert functionality, including auto uploads, motion detection, IR nightvision and direct alert email notification.

   - Standalone Recording options.

· Systems: 

   - Consultancy, advice, planning, supply, setup.

   - Testing, training and ongoing support.

9821W / 9805W / TWOIP / 4IP

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